Personalized Cutting Board, Engraved, Monogram, Team, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Christmas, Graduation, 951

We created this laser engraved cutting board as an anniversary gift for a friend and his wife and personalized it by combining their names and wedding date with their long-favorite favorite team mascot, but this could just as appropriately have been an engagement, shower, wedding, housewarming, graduation, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day or heck just a tailgating Saturday or Sunday present! It would also make an incredible gift for the coach in your life, just substitute his or her team mascot.

The flying eagle mascot in the center circle as well as the two concentric circles around it are double engraved for added depth and contrast, while the couple's first names and wedding date rise from the engraved areas. The design itself is clean and graphic, and appeals to both the male and female fans around us who are long time Orange and Blue supporters. This design is easy to adapt to the team of your choice - from high school, to college and beyond. If you would like to alter this design to fit your likes, please click the "Customize" button and send us a request. We'd be happy to work with you to design the perfect board for you

All our boards are engraved on one side, and the other left blank for cutting on. The 7"x8" size makes great mini chopping station, and slides easily into a drawer. The 9"x12" size is the perfect size for getting ready for dinner, the 10.5"x16" is large enough for the family and the 11"x15" gives a bit more vertical space.

This design is shown in the first three photos above on the 10.5x16" walnut with arched ends. The last three photos show boards being packaged for shipment.

How To Order:
BOARD TYPE AND SIZE: Please choose from drop-down menu. The current options for this design are:

- 7"x8", 9"x12" or 11"x15" rectangular with no juice groove  in Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Sapele
- 9"x12" rectangular with juice groove and arched sides, in Maple, Cherry and Walnut
- 10.5"x16" rectangular with juice groove and arched ends, in Maple, Cherry and Walnut

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GIFT WRAP: Buying as a gift? It can arrive wrapped, with a beautiful card.



Please be aware that every cutting board is made from different wood, with the characteristics of the particular tree it was harvested from. Once we are finished engraving, we coat the board with an all-natural board butter made of beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral oil and orange essence. The board butter adds moisture and helps protect the board. When that is dry, we buff it with a soft cloth, and package it for shipment to you!

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