Well Written Gifts - OUR PRODUCTS
What are your products made of?
  • Our cutting boards are made of premium wood, and our barware of fine, thick glass. We hand select each piece and engrave them with designs personalized for your particular recipient.
How are your products produced?
  • We use a CNC Router to cut or shape our wood, and a laser engraver to burn the design into the wood or etch it into glass.
Why do two boards of different wood species engraved with the same design look different?
    • Our designs are burned into the wood using a powerful laser. Some woods will engrave with more contrast, such as cherry, and others with less, like walnut. Both are beautiful, so choose the type of wood you like best and know that your particular piece has its own traits that will make it even more special for your recipient.
    My board is the same wood species and design as the one in the photo but it doesn't look exactly the same.  Why?
    • As every tree is different, each wood item is different as well. You will see small variations from the product photos cause by the uniqueness of your particular piece of wood, and the reactions of that type of wood to the engraving. 
    How are your products finished? Are they food safe?
    • Once we finish engraving, we coat the board with an all-natural food-safe board butter made of beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral oil and orange essence. The board butter adds moisture and helps protect the board. When that is dry, we buff it with a soft cloth, and package it for shipment to you!
    • Our kosher boards are treated with a food-safe kosher mineral oil in accordance with Kashrut laws.
    • Our glassware is washed with a hypoallergenic scent-free soap, polished and dried.
    How long does it take to make your products?
    • Typical production times are 5 - 7 business days after your order is received. 
    How long does shipping take inside the US?
    • We ship most of our products via USPS Priority shipping, which typically takes 3-4 business days (for delivery to addresses in the lower 48 states)  from the time that USPS picks up from our shop. Delivery time does not include processing time, which is the period that we actually make your order.    
    I live outside the US - will you ship to me?
    • Gladly!  There are some things to remember though:
    Customs and import taxes - Buyers are responsible for any customs or import fees.  As each customers' locality rules are different, we cannot include those fees in our prices, and as such they are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
    Import Delays in Customs - sometimes international orders take longer to arrive at the customer's location because they have been detained in customs.  While we will do everything possible to ensure your order is properly packaged and has all the right forms to move through customs easily, we can't guarantee the customs transit time. 
    I need my product by xx date - can you guarantee I will get it by then? 
    • While we would love to be able to ensure that every single customer gets his or her order long before the date it is needed, we cannot guarantee shipping.  Once it leaves our hands, the postal service, weather and fate take over and we simply are no longer in control of your item.  For this reason, we can never guarantee that your item reaches you in time. That said, less than 1% of our customers have had their packages delayed beyond when they hoped to receive them, so we have to give kudos to our postal service friends for doing such a great job (special shout out to Patrick and crew at the Midland NC post office!  Awesome jobs, guys!)
    If I don't get my product by xx date - will you refund me? 
    • As we noted above, we can't control the delivery services once it leaves our hands, so we aren't able to provide a product exchange or refund if it doesn't make it to you on time. However, if you selected USPS Priority Express shipping at checkout, the USPS does offer shipping refunds if the item takes longer to reach you than their timeline guarantees.  In the rare instance this happens to you, please let us know and we will work with you to provide the shipping information necessary for you to request a refund of the shipping charges.  *Note - it is only Priority Express that offers a guarantee, so if you did not select expedited shipping, there is no potential for shipping refund if your item is delayed in transit.



    I made a mistake on my order, and the date/name/personalization is wrong.  Will you replace the product?
    • We are sorry to hear that you made a mistake on the order.  We know that feels pretty miserable, especially when you need a gift with the right names, dates and details!  Contact us as soon as you are aware that you have made a mistake.  If we have not yet begun production, we can work with you to make your changes.  If we have begun production, then we cannot fix the issue or make a new item unless you purchase one.  We will, however, help to boost your new order up in the queue if you let us know.
    Can I cancel my order?  
    • Orders cannot be cancelled once the production has begun even if the product is not yet completed or shipped out.  If you need to cancel, please contact us to see if production has begun on your order yet.  If we have not yet begun engraving, and the personalized order did not require us to purchase any special materials to create it, then we may be able to cancel the order.  Once production has begun, the order cannot be cancelled.
    Do you offer returns or exchanges?
    • I don't offer returns or exchanges for personalized products unless we made a mistake and did not engrave your board with exactly what you specified on the order.

     My product arrived damaged - what do I do?

    • Please notify us of a damaged or defective product within 7 days of arrival so that a claim can be filed with the shipper and we can send a replacement to you.   Photos of both the damaged/defective area of the product and of any damage to the box noted on receipt should be mailed to us to allow us to assess the issue and determine the best next steps.  Contact us if you have any questions about how to take pictures of the damaged areas of the product and box. 



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